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My name is a Jen and I am a Watercolour Artist based in Adelaide, Australia.

I love to create and use my art as a way to visually express my emotions and thoughts about the world.


Although my style is continually changing as I learn and grow, I love to paint dreamy and ethereal female characters, with aspects of nature and the metaphysical. 


Each painting contains a very personal message, describing my fears, struggles, hopes, and dreams.

The goal of my paintings is to take an honest look at myself, to analytically dissect my presumptions, beliefs, thoughts, and the highs and lows of my  journey on this earth; and to express these visually, in the hope of healing and become the truest version of myself.


We are all struggling, learning, adapting, and growing, and by sharing these paintings, I hope that each person finds their own interpretation and connection to their own journeys in life. 

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